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A small glossary
for start-up creators


Incubation 1

Step one, known as the “seed” stage. The start-up is still in the project stage, or has just been created. It has a minimum one-year period of specialized support as well as discounted office space, in addition to having their project financed in the form of grants or by other support schemes.

Incubation 2

The next stage, known as the “take-off” stage, lasts for about two years. During this period, the start-up is meshed with its peers, with the corporate ecosystem of its sector, with the investor’s network as well as with the major clients with whom they can instigate commercial partnership negotiations. At the end of the incubation 2 stage, the start-up is a company which can hold its own, and which has marketed its product or service offering. In all, the incubation process lasts for three years.

The start-up booster

A different type of support, akin to those found in the Le Camping de Silicon Sentier for example. Its goal is to provide an intense training period in a very short time to very young companies so that they learn how to sell themselves (how to pitch their projects), accompanied by mentors and by coaches from the large companies who sponsor them.

The Business centre

The final stage and the goal of this entrepreneurial course. The companies have matured, their workforce has increased at the culmination of these three incubator years, and they are now looking for standard office space without support services. It is thus in these municipal initiative business centres that other start-up companies are hosted so as to foster synergies and innovative dynamics, but at prices way under the market standard, in order to allow innovative companies to set up and to stay for as long as needed under standard 3, 6 or nine-year leases.

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