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Paris&Co Incubateurs coordinates about 20 incubators in 10 sites in the capital.

In addition to the use of premises, the entrepreneurs benefit from individual consulting, a complete range of workshops and events and connection to innovative networks.


Our classic incubators are the foundation on which the reputation of Paris&Co Incubateurs is based. They offer both premises and support tailored to the needs of each innovative company and are a source of remarkable entrepreneurial success stories.

Video Games

The first of its kind in Europe, this incubator has, since 2012, welcomed video-game entrepreneurs who wish to develop various projects.
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Paris&Co Incubateurs wanted to give ecologically innovative companies (energy, green IT, new materials, etc.) a particular place of their own.
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New Media (Nouveaux Médias)

Rue89, Evaneos and Boostr all made their first steps in this incubator, which has been supporting digital startups since 2007.
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Digital Technologies (Technologies Numériques)

Exalead, Sequans Communications, Liligo, Easycare, Balyo Systems and Eileo have contributed to building the reputation of this facility, where technology-oriented entrepreneurs have complete freedom to explore the possibilities.
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New facilities to encourage innovation with a multi-disciplinary approach, functioning as an incubator, co-working platform, venue for specialist events, vehicle for public and private partnerships, etc.

Le Tremplin

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The Publishing Lab / Le Labo de l'Edition

At the crossroads where classic and digital publishing meet, the Publishing Lab has become a key venue for French players in the sector.
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The Welcome City Lab

In the heart of a historic tourist area, it is the world's first incubator dedicated to tourism. This facility also includes a platform dedicated to student entrepreneurs intended to invent the tourism of the future!
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The second-largest sector in terms of job supply in Île-de-France of course has its own dedicated incubator. In partnership with the competitiveness cluster Finance Innovation, which coordinates and structures the financial industry in Île-de-France, the Finance incubator is dedicated to innovative projects.
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E-health (Paris Innovation Boucicaut)

Telemedicine, diagnosis, observance, the caregiver-patient relationship, long-distance monitoring of chronic diseases, etc. Paris&Co Incubateurs, in partnership with Air Liquide, APHP, the CDC, CNR Santé, COVEA, Domus, Philips, the SEB group, Sanofi, Samsung, SFR and Société Générale want to promote the creation of an ecosystem for e-health startups through this scheme.
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The connecteur

The 'Connecting Students and Companies' scheme is an initiative supported by the City of Paris that aims to stimulate and support the students of the universities of Paris by enabling them to participate in the innovative ecosystem.
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Tailor-made incubation schemes devised in close cooperation with large corporations for the purpose of encouraging innovation.
These private partners provide their expertise to young companies with which they have business relations.

Amaury Lab

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Social Good Lab

With the SOS group: a place dedicated to the spirit of initiative and solidarity and supported by Comptoir de l’innovation. It proactively promotes the emergence and development of innovative services that make use of technology for the purpose of responding to social and environmental problems.
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Customer experience 3.0

With DIAM International in a context of growing sales via the internet, the development of digital technologies and the increasingly common use of smartphones, the customer experience in the point of sale is undergoing a transformation. In addition to its internal activities in innovation and R&D, DIAM International seeks to promote entrepreneurial initiatives in this area.
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Connected Habitat (Habitat Connecté)

With Covéa: protecting the habitat and its inhabitants, improving well-being and comfort, adapting homes to different ages and lifestyles, controlling energy consumption: the 'Connected Habitat' scheme aims to accelerate the creation of the services of tomorrow together with the leading provider of property and liability insurance in France.
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Mobile Technologies

With Alcatel Onetouch: this scheme aims to promote and support startups to develop their mobile technology activities.
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For better energy efficiency in cities (Pour une meilleure énergie dans la ville)

With GDF Suez: in a context of growing urbanisation, improving the energy efficiency of cities is one of the challenges that needs to be met in order to provide city dwellers with an optimum environment that is competitive, attractive and sustainable.
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Breathing in the city (Respirez dans la Ville)

With iLab d’Air Liquide: in a context of ever-increasing air pollution and growing numbers of people suffering from respiratory problems, cities must ensure that their inhabitants have a sustainable future and offer them a healthy environment.
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Smart Data for Customer Intelligence

With AXA Global Direct, via the Open Innovation Institute: the purpose of this scheme is to accelerate the growth of young innovative companies that develop solutions involving Smart Data and Customer Intelligence.
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La Ruche is a shared working space where entrepreneurs develop innovative solutions in response to social and environmental challenges. Created in 2007, La Ruche, which joined Paris&Co Incubateurs in 2013, offers project developers a place where they can meet, discuss and participate in specialist events. La Ruche is spreading its expertise as a showcase of social entrepreneurship throughout the world.

La Ruche and Paris&Co Incubateurs, out of their concern to develop the Social and Solidarity Economy, have opened their events and networks to companies accommodated in the new Lutess cluster in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. This shared working space initiated by the City of Paris, which co-manages it, is accessible to companies, associations, cooperatives, mutual insurers and foundations operating in the Social and Solidarity Economy, with priority given to companies.