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Competitiveness clusters

In an increasingly competitive global economy, France implemented a new industrial policy in 2004. Competitiveness clusters were created to mobilize key competitiveness factors, with in particular the innovative capacity to develop economic growth and employment in lead markets.

A competitiveness cluster assembles small and large companies, research laboratories and training institutions in a clearly-identified area and on a given topic. It aims to support innovation and to foster the development of particularly innovative collaborative research and development (R&D) projects. It thus creates employment and economic growth.

The challenge is to rely on the synergies and trust created between parties via the practical cooperation developed through innovative and collaborative projects. The aim is to give the companies involved the opportunity to take a leading position in their respective fields in France, and at International level.

The City of Paris supports the 7 competitiveness clusters located on its territory. It contributes to their operation and accompanies them in their activities. It also contributes towards the financing of the collaborative R&D projects accredited by the clusters. Since 2006, the City of Paris has allocated more than 30 million euros to these collective projects which involve large groups, research laboratories and SMEs, with special assistance to the Parisian start-ups integrated in these consortia.


This competitiveness cluster places itself as the cluster of the sustainable city and of urban eco-technologies.

Advancity and its partners have three targets for expertise at the heart of the cluster’s strategy, contributing towards the renewal of large urban areas: the engineering, management and instrumentation of the city; the city’s environmental efficiency, via the management and reuse of the soil and subsoil, via the networks and infrastructures, through sustainable constructions, urbanism and transportation; via the “city quality” and its services, applied among other things to mobility and to the urban environment and health.

ASTech Paris Région

France’s biggest labour pool in the aerospace and embedded systems fields, this aerospace competitiveness cluster aims to cement, in the Paris area, the position as European leader in the sectors of space transportation, business aviation and propulsion/equipment via innovation.

Cap Digital Paris Région

This cluster assembles companies, research laboratories and training institutions, all working towards the development of digital content and services. The markets targeted by this cluster are the video game market, education engineering and knowledge, images, 3D and CGI, computer-assisted design and communicating objects.

Finance Innovation

The Finance Innovation competitiveness cluster, federated by Paris EUROPLACE and supported by asset-management firms, insurance companies, banks, investment companies and issuers, has the clear and ambitious goal of cementing the City of Paris position as a financial centre in Europe by developing its expertise and offensive positioning in terms of research and innovation. Created to build high added value and job-creating industrial and research projects, it brings together the financial community, universities and research centres on the City of Paris’ financial scene.

Medicen Paris Region

The Medicen Paris Région competitiveness cluster has the ambition of making the Paris area the European leader, on an industrial level and in the field of therapeutic and diagnostic innovation, as well as in the field of cutting-edge health technology, and to allow the region to become one of the world’s translational medicine centres. The development of innovation via the technological transfer of research organisations towards the industrial sector, the accelerated availability of services for patients, diagnostic, therapeutic and/or technological innovative processes are all at the very heart of Medicen Paris Region’s strategy.


Deployed over three regions including Ile-de-France, this cluster is orientated towards collective and individual transportation, and is organised around four strategic business areas: Energy & Environment, Mobility & Services, Road safety and Mechatronics.

Systematic Paris Region

This cluster is at the forefront in the field of complex systems, especially in terms of transportation, telecommunications, health and safety. Systematic is simultaneously a “technological innovation plant” via its R&D projects, and an innovation cluster which federates several hundred innovative SMEs in the engineering, technical studies, software and active electronic components manufacturing sectors.

Networks by sector: clusters, hubs

In Paris, there are several clusters or hubs of companies: they are a collective grouping of companies which share the same field and which work together.

Capital Games

Capital Games federates over forty video gaming companies, and intends to consolidate and to promote this industry in the Paris area so as to make it a driver for competitiveness and international renown.


Durapole is a grouping of young innovative companies in the eco-technology field. Its ambition is to further the emergence of an industrial cluster around environmental technologies. Durapole also contributes towards developing “green” employment, and to the structuring and the international renown of the regional eco-innovative regional ecosystem. Its members contribute to the national policy to combat the environmental crisis by the consolidation of green sectors.


Supporting musical production and broadcasting, Mila manages the “Rue de la musiqué”, a set of independent labels spread over twenty former business facilities located right next to a specialized incubator.

Paris Mix

First business and specialized innovations cluster in world music; Paris Mix assembles over forty labels, producers, turners and concert organisers.

Silicon Sentier

A historical lynchpin of digital innovation in Paris and its region, Silicon Sentier federates nearly 200 SMEs in the sector whilst coordinating a networked collaborative working space, the Cantine, and the key project enabler, the Camping, located in the heart of Paris, at the Palais Brongniart.