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Almost 59.3 million people visit Paris and its region every year, making it the top tourism destination in the world.

The World Tourism Organisation predicts a 50% increase in the number of visitors to Paris over the next 15 years! To address this growth in demand, Paris has introduced a hotel development plan that provides for the construction of 7,000 additional hotel rooms by 2020.


The Parisian hotel industry

Paris and the « Grand Paris » surrounding region offers more than 110,000 hotel rooms, 80,000 of which are in Paris.
In the context of the scaricity of available land and a saturation of supply, Paris&Co and Apur have set up a decision support tool to identify and list the new hotel sites.

This interactive mapping provides an accurate view of potentially available sites and various nearby facilities to allow project promoters to examine the opportunities available on each site.


Consult the interactive map here

Business tourism

According to the ICCA ranking, Paris is the top city in the world for trade fairs and meetings with over 300 delegates.
Every year, 9.2 million people come to Paris to attend trade fairs and conferences.

Property in Paris for hotel projects

In order to meet the projected increase in tourism and the demands of diversified, sustainable and innovative tourism, Paris launched a hotel plan in 2008. It aims to create 7,000 more rooms by 2020. Paris thus offers operators the scope to develop tourist accommodation of all kinds and capacities. Twenty sites have been identified to date.

Key players in Paris

# OTCP - The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau carries out 2 specific missions:

  • Welcome and informing visitors
  • Promoting the destination of Paris

The Bureau actively promotes Paris as a destination for leisure and business tourism to tour operators and the media.

Key figures:

  • 6 tourist offices open all year round
  • 6 kiosks and 30 seasonal staff for the « Welcome Ambassadors »
  • 12 must-do itineraries in the « Paris for You! guidebook »
  • 13,000 events presented on

# Welcome City Lab - « Inventing the tourism of the future »

Presented for the first time at the World Tourism Fair in 2013, the Welcome City Lab is a demonstration of the willingness of the city of Paris to make Paris a place for innovation in tourism. As the top tourism destination in the world, Paris has implemented a policy of diversified offerings in order to win the loyalty of individual clients who have already visited the main sites and are looking for a more interactive tourism experience.
The Welcome City Lab is the first incubator in Paris dedicated to the tourism and leisure sector. It offers premises, support, access to financing with favourable terms, a conference space and an open-plan co-working space. It also benefits from an experimental zone and an oversight unit.


# Aéroport de Paris

Aéroports de Paris is a world leader in airport design, construction and operation :

  • 90.3 million passengers per year
  • 305 million net income
  • 9,026 employees

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