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Paris is the Europe’s leading region for Real Estate with 52 million m2 of office space

Paris proper has 16 million square metres of offi ce space, partly located in the central business district (centre and west of the capital), but also in areas that are undergoing massive changes. The local urban development plan provides for an extra 2 million square metres devoted to business in the coming years, including 660,000 m² by 2015.

10% of the paris area undergoing major changes

New emerging districts are providing housing of a high architectural and environmental standard, improved transport services, but also tertiary-sector programmes suited to the new needs of enterprises, not forgetting the quality of life (green spaces, facilities, shopping).


«Reinventer Paris»

Anne Hidalgo invites innovators from around the world to «Reinvent Paris» - The City of Paris is launching a call for innovative urban projects and offering 23 sites to all professionals where they can develop their ideas and express their talents.

On 3rd November 2014, Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris and her Deputy Mayor in charge of urban planning, Jean-Louis Missika, launched a call for urban innovative projects in the form of an international contest. 

First of its kind in the world, the call for urban innovative projects “Reinventer Paris” is a large contest open to candidates from around the world. To select and implement the new forms of buildings that will shape the future of Paris, the City of Paris has decided for the first time to put innovation as the top of the selection criteria.

The list of 23 sites and modalities for application have been revealed during a press conference on 3rd November.

The City of Paris is convinced that challenges faced by the world can be addressed through local answers. By launching the call for urban innovative projects, Paris commits itself to improving the ways of “making the city”, in order to make Paris even more attractive, affordable and green. From today, world creators are given carte blanche to reinvent the ways of living, working and trading in Paris.

Launching of "Reinventing Paris" par Pavillon-Arsenal

Further information on the website "Réinventer Paris"



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