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Supported by a complete ecosystem of closely networked stakeholders plus highly effective, progressive networks and infrastructure, Paris stands out as a platform for innovation and experimentation, driven by a shared, socially responsible political will.

A unique ecosystem exemplifying how Paris’s economic potential is being harnessed to tackle the new challenge of energy transition, accelerating the move towards a green economy and creating a unique attractiveness factor.

Visit, the first platform dedicated to share the strategies and features that make Paris a sustainable, smart and innovative city


An ecosystem already moving towards energy transition

  • Efficient infrastructure with a focus on new functionalities and practices in the water, energy and mobility sectors;
  • Innovative energy systems that are tending towards managing workflow as close to producers and consumers as possible, and that includes European flagships such as Paris district cooling network;
  • Information and communication technologies geared towards the smart city;
  • State-of-the-art transportation to improve quality of life, regional solidarity and the attractiveness of Paris with a programme worth €32 billion over 15 years.

An innovation laboratory for the green economy

  • Global economic leaders in the development of clean technologies;
  • A region that welcomes and actively supports innovative start-ups and arranges local testing in what has become an urban laboratory;

A shared, socially responsible, political will to combat climate change

The Conseil de Paris adopted a new Territorial Climate Plan in December 2012 to reduce energy consumption, combat greenhouse gases and promote renewable energies.
Ambitious targets have been set for 2020 compared to the figures for 2004:

  • -25% energy consumption,
  • -25% greenhouse gas emissions,
  • 25% renewable energies consumed in 2020. These targets translate into all sectors: transport, green spaces, housing, waste recycling, district heating network, public facilities and also business premises. Innovative programmes have been developed in order to contribute to reducing energy consumption and reinforcing biodiversity, e.g. the largest French centre-city photovoltaic plant (Halle Pujol), and numerous eco-neighbourhood projects such as Boucicaut (8), Gare de Rungis (13), Clichy-Batignolles (17), Claude Bernard (19), Fréquel-Fontarabie (20).

Key figures

  • More than 20,000 square metres of solar panels installed in Paris in 2012.
  • Nearly 44 hectares of green roofs in Paris in 2012 and a potential 80 hectares of available roof space.

In cooperation with the Clinton Foundation, the City of Paris is boosting the energy efficiency of 650 Paris schools and 4,500 subsidised housing units a year.

Some of the major actors in the cleantech sector

# Paris Climate Agency

Set up on the initiative of the City of Paris to help achieve the goals of the Climate Action Plan, the Paris Climate Agency has 85 members and partners. It is a key driving force for energy transition, seeking to involve the entire region and assisting with operational projects, particularly the energy retrofit of buildings. By promoting dialogue and debate around these major issues, the APC also helps create a common knowledge base and initiatives to support urban transformation. It brings stakeholders together in an alliance that aims to achieve energy transition in the city and to combat climate change.


ADVANCITY, a catalyst for innovation, is the meeting, in Paris area between:

  • opportunities for green growth, accentuated by the Grenelle de l’Environnement process, which naturally concern the 183 businesses in the cluster, including its 17 world-leading companies and some forty small and medium-sized enterprises and industries, producers and operators in the energy, transport, environment, civil engineering and construction fields, engineering companies, and companies providing services to local authorities and to industry;
  • and an exceptional melting pot of skills: over 200 laboratories, the MEDDLT’s major scientific establishments, the Ile-de-France’s top schools and universities, and private research facilities.

# Durapole

Durapole is a group of innovative young sustainable development companies that have joined forces in a Local Productive System (SPL) to energise their economic, commercial and technological development.


INNOV’ECO is a quarterly meet of cleantech business professionals and decision makers in France, supported by an online exchange and sharing platform.
Every three months, close to 300 professionals meet to discover, learn, share, network, and co-develop business opportunities within a specific sub sector of the cleantech space in a dynamic format combining a healthy breakfast, a lively and insightful debate, and a multimedia presentation of the best in eco-innovation on the local and international scenes.

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