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The region's 18 universities as well as the 59 engineering and management Grandes Écoles make Paris a benchmark for the education of mathematics, physics, biological sciences, multimedia, and management.

The Paris region has over 635,500 students, including 327,400 within the city limits, and 70,000 foreign studients.

Paris region hosts a working population of 5.6 million people and boasts a highly-skilled labour force.

Europe's highest concentration of researchers

Metropolitan Paris boasts an amazing research potential, with innovation capacity, advanced scientific and technological facilities, high-level technical training, and famous researchers.

6.5% of Europe's researchers — over 135,000 people — are located in the Paris region.

Renowned scientific institutions are located in Paris, including the NSSC (National Space Studies Centre), Pasteur Institute, the ESPCI (École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielle de la Ville de Paris), National Centre of Scientific Research, National Medical School and Research Institute and Vision Institute.

On October 19th 2014 Anand Mahindra, CEO of the eponymous Indian company, underlines the "tremendous potential of France" and stated:
“The biggest strength of France lies in the quality of innovation. I am not just talking about technology, but about innovation in the broad sense. It is very important for companies because their future competitiveness depends on it. There is a French engineer behind almost every significant innovation in the automotive industry for example.”


Qualified and competitive human resources

The percentage of university graduates in the 30-34 year age bracket is 43.6% in France, compared with an average 35% in Europe.
Source: “Diplômés de l'enseignement supérieur: situations contrastées en Europe”, (University graduates: contrasting situations in Europe), the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research, 2014

University graduates in mainland France in 2013 (%)
Source: INSEE, 2014

French managers have one of Europe’s longuest work week
In 2013, French managers worked 44.2 hours a week, compared with the 43.4 and 43.3 hours a week put in by their British and German counterparts respectively. Source : Ernst&Young, 2013

French employees among the most productive in Europe (GDP per hour worked)
Source: The Conference Board Economy Database, 2014




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