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our mission

To find out more, please visit Paris&Co - Experimentation (in French only)

Our Experimentation team helps companies field-test their prototypes and services in real situations prior to market release through call for projects and tailored support. We do this hand in hand with Paris City Hall and/or large corporates. Since 2010, we have selected and supported over 280 projects and enabled 113 experiments in the City of Paris, making of Paris the world’s leading open lab.

  • 500+ projects appraised for 17 calls for proposals launched
  • 1 in 2 projects shortlisted and supported
  • 113 experiments enabled


Our calls for projects and the experiments we support aim at:

  • Improving city transport systems,
  • Fostering a better use and management of natural resources,
  • Reducing Paris environmental footprint,
  • Accelerating the energy transition and addressing climate change,
  • Developing the sharing & collaborative economy,
  • Encouraging social innovation for care and inclusion.


By helping structure the experimentation activity on the Parisian metropolis territory, Paris&Co Experimentation team has a double objective:

  • Support local governments and corporates  in their innovation initiatives
  • Help companies structure their experiments and secure  a testing site  to experiment in vivo in situ