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[#PORTRAIT] Hacking de l'Hôtel de Ville 2017 - Meeting with TK Lin and Cheryl Liao, founders of Botpartner


TK Lin and Cheryl Liao are the  founders of Botpartner, Speaking to Celsa Sorbonne (Paris&Co.) about their start-up.

"We come from Taiwan, our company created a device that you can connect to with your phone. We called our project COT : conversation of things. We found a big market here with the old people because in Europe many of them live alone. We  have created a device which warns you immediately when an elder person of your family has fallen down."

TK, the creator of the device was part of a competition in Taiwan for the best inventions, he won the third place. "The competition is very famous in Taiwan. The product was noticed because it needs no wifi or 4G to operate. It is very practicle for the old people, they can go anywhere with it. We also want to create little chips that old people can wear in their shoes. We came here to find someone who can invest in our project and who is willing to work with us in the future. The COT is already operating in Taiwan, it can also allow you to control the light and all the electronic device in your home.Later we would possibly like to expand the market towards all people with diminished physical abilities, we are thinking about collaborating with insurance companies for example. "

TK had the idea while thinking about his parents. They live in taiwan. Sometimes when TK would be walking in the street he would see old people fall down and no one come to help them. He felt very sad because he imagined how it would be if it were his parents that would be in the same situatio. He did not want the same thing to happen to them. 


"There are stations all over Europe, but we chose France to start because there is a big market here. The project was developed in France with the Paris and Co Incubators which were very helpful to understand the french market as well as the french culture."


Interview conducted by Alix Philippot, student at CELSA Paris-Sorbonne