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Paris&Co announces the 21 entities selected as finalists in its international start-up competition, iiAwards


Held for the second time, the international competition attracted 208 submissions, from which the 21 finalists were hand-picked. They will now be invited to Paris to pitch their project to Paris' innovation ecosystem. The winner will be announced on 3 December, at Cité de la Mode et du Design, prior to the Grands Prix de l'Innovation Awards Ceremony held by the City of Paris.

For the second edition of its iiAwards, Paris&Co joined with the incubator 50Partners and three major organisations: Aéroports de Paris, Johnson&Johnson and Total. The international competition, held in conjunction with the City of Paris' Grands Prix de l'Innovation, invites start-ups from the world over to submit distinctively innovative projects, regardless of the sector in which they specialise.

Ten French start-ups, incidentally also selected as finalists in the City of Paris' Grands Prix de l'Innovation, have made the list. The foreign finalists include one start-up from India, two from the United States, one from Sweden, three from England (London), two from Germany (Berlin), one from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and one from Spain.

The start-ups will be brought to Paris to present their projects to an audience composed of experts in technology, decision-makers and investors, including members of Paris&Co's Open Innovation Club, representing 70 major French companies. The six winning start-ups will then be able to take part in a three-month incubation programme at one of Paris&Co's incubators, while the grand prize winner will come away with €20,000.

Consult the website of the event



ARYA.AI is a platform for advanced Deep Neural learning intelligence accessible through PaaS allowing developers to develop such advanced General Intelligent applications to enable free flow of conversations in their applications and enable empathy between humans and machines in professional and personal life.

BioModex ("Biomedical Modeling Expertise") is a French Paris-based start-up, working in the medical sector. It addresses surgical needs based on unprocessed patient data (scanner or IRM) to produce anatomical models provided in high-fidelity, high-resolution 3D print-out form, using a variety of additive production technologies. Our models enable a unique simulated surgical experience intended for use in medical training, surgical guides, pre-operative view and pre-production testing.
We are able to reproduce the characteristics of the human body:

  • the hardness of hard tissue
  • the flexibility of soft tissue
  • the thinness of vessels and nerves

In addition, the usual surgical procedures are possible:

  • Skin and cartilage cutting
  • Bone drilling
  • Scan-controlling (radio-opaque material)


Captain Contrat offers legal documents drafted by lawyers via an online platform It is capable of providing entrepreneurs, start-ups, VSEs and SMEs with all of the legal corporate documents they need, custom-drafted by lawyers, along with assistance in administrative procedures, all at unbeatable prices.


Lastly, a study published by the Harvard Public Health Department stated that life in urban centers, combined with technology advancements, was aiding in people having poorer diets, due to the marketing of unhealthy food products and the abundance of supermarkets laden with processed foods.
Living and working in the heart of Silicon Valley, we were inspired to create a platform that could harness the power of the urban environment and technology in order to help solve this issue, instead of contributing to it.
The Chef Koochooloo app, inspires kids to try new healthy recipes from around the world, while increasing their knowledge in math, science and social studies.

DAMAE Medical develop medical systems that give dermatologists access, from their own offices, to images of skin anomalies, in-depth and non-invasively. The patented system provides real-time imaging similar in quality to that of traditional histology, requiring neither preparation nor sampling. Practitioners can thus detect skin pathologies even before the first signs of disease emerge at the surface, without having to resort to a biopsy.


DDG is excited to leverage connections and resources associated with iiAwards to further our development of our platform technology. Through our participation in YEi France, we have already identified potential key partners, like the Pasteur Institute, and other indications of the French commitment to innovation, like the world class R&D tax credit, and have plans to set up a French subsidiary. Winning the iiAwards will be a great step in the direction of getting our French company going, beginning the development of our platform in France, and getting our platform device positioned to achieve CE mark and enter the European market.


FeetMe is a young innovative company that is developing the world’s first connected smart sole. It is a medical system capable of addressing the unique care needs of patients with diabetic neuropathy, as well as multiple clinical or performance-related needs.


FINDIFY is an intelligent on-site search engine that uses machine learning and big data to help shoppers find what they're looking for, and increase revenue for ecommerce merchants.
We use machine learning algorithms that run through huge amounts of data every day, to deliver "adaptive relevancy". This means our solution is automatically and continuously optimizing the search results based on what is most trending, popular; what is most likely to convert to a sale at any given time. We wrap it in a beautiful and intuitive UX that end-consumers simply love using.
And we take care of the most important issue that prevents merchants from adopting some of the existing solutions, by providing a simple & painless integration. Merchants go live within minutes by using one of our pre-made modules, or just a couple of days, by using our robust JS libraries.

Glowee is that light that comes from the sea. A living light system, made possible by bioluminescence, that super-power which some organisms have to produce light biologically, like algae, jellyfish or squid. They produce this light without electricity. Glowee aims to have a positive ecological and economic impact on urban lighting, by replacing electricity wherever possible – in store windows, signage, façades, urban furnishings or remote areas.


We have developed a super low cost sensor system with 5 embedded sensors (Location, Temp, Security, Motion and humidity) that also includes the next gen embedded SIM and quad band radio. This is the size of a post card.  The service is delivered to a sender as a ready to go service where they pay once per usage. To use the system, they only have to include the device within the parcel. Once done they can now tweet or email the parcel directly for an update.
When the parcel is received anywhere in the world, the recipient only has to press a single button the device. An address appears on the e-ink display and they then simply post the device back. No stamp or package required. We take care of all that pain.


Instent SAS is a young spin-off of Ecole Polytechnique, founded in April 2014 to develop remote surveillance systems that will turn medical systems into connected diagnostic tools. Its multi-disciplinary team is inter-linked with a large-scale innovation network and supported by experts in science and medicine as well as in entrepreneurship. Instent has been the winner of multiple competitions, including the Global Innovation Contest, the national competition i-LAB and the Hello Tomorrow Challenge.

IPlYTICS develops an online-based analytics platform tool (IPlytics Platform) that allows users to investigate market developments, technology trends and a company’s competitive position. The underlying big data algorithm enables an intelligent linking, processing and visualization of comprehensive data sources. IPlytics integrates worldwide data on patents, scientific publications, standards, products, industry alliances or M&A deals. IPlytics algorithms are based on scientifically validated methods. IPlytics thus ensures trustworthy and reliable results.
IPlytics solution adds value in a scenario in which technology management teams are short-staffed or have budgetary limits in gaining access to multiple databases for their analyses and strategic conclusions. Such teams can leverage the power of IPlytics Platform integrated, intelligent interface and base their recommendations on efficient searching and analysis capabilities. IPlytics provides information on competitive intelligence years before companies publicly announce new products or acquisition.


KARTENT. We make cardboard tents for festivals (KarTent). These tents can be recycled, printed and delivered pre-pitched.
KIWI.KI GmbH is a hands-free access-as-a-service infrastructure for apartment buildings providing efficiency gains for real estate industry, service providers and emergency services and convenience for residents. KIWI makes the physical key obsolete and connects cities by connecting every front door.
A transponder – called ”KIWI Ki“ – simply remains in the user’s pocket. The KIWI door sensor, which is integrated in the bell panel of the door, receives the signal of the KIWI Ki as soon as a user with a KIWI Ki approaches the Ki Zone of 1 – 3 meters range to the door. Is the KIWI Ki authorized, the door will automatically unlock. The user just needs to push the door open. KIWI integrates seamlessly with existing doors and works as an optional add-on with any existing entry systems – the lock is not changed at all and all normal metal keys continue to work.

PILI is developing the first bio-degradable inks from micro-organisms to replace today’s inks, which pollute, are difficult to recycle and are made of oil by-products. Having completed its first proofs-of-concept, the PILI team is now working to scale-up tis renewable solution, based on the intelligence of living organisms. PILI receives development support from such players as La Paillasse, Genopole and BPI France.

Powr of You is a consumer data and analytics hub. We are connecting fragmented cross-platform customer data (social, browsing, mobile, health, etc.) in one place to provide businesses a 360 view of consumers. Brands can now make marketing and media planning decisions based on first-hand data. And consumers earn rewards as a share of our revenue and see what their digital footprint says about them.
SATOSHIPAY - Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are a good tool for micropayments, but if you want to use them for nanopayments (tiny amounts, for example less than 1c), they have several disadvantages: Relatively high transaction fees (around 1c per transaction), up to 1 hour payment confirmation time and an unnecessary bloat of the cryptocurrencies decentralised storage ("blockchain"). With our solution we address all 3 problems: Transaction fees as low as 0.0001c, payments in real-time and almost no extra data on the bitcoin blockchain. Apart from low-friction content payments our smart-contract technology also enables Internet of Things machine-to-machine payments and allows completely new business models.

SELECTIONNIST - In this project, an all-new visual recognition solution will be produced. Capable of identifying a product printed in the press or published in large poster format (bus shelters, 4/3, etc.), it will also facilitate the customer experience by guiding users to the relevant e-merchant.


VORTEX BLADELESS SL - Vortex will be able to get electricity from wind, in a cheaper and efficient way because of:

  • Low investment: Vortex wind generator cost is much lower than a three blade conventional design due to the elimination of the most expensive parts such as blades, hub, gearbox, nacelle, pitching system, brakes... The estimates indicate that the reduction costs of a Vortex wind generator can be just 53% of a conventional wind turbine.
  • Carbon Foot Print: It is used less material is required to manufacture Vortex, and it doesn't need oil for O&M, as conventional technology with over 300 l/year. This reduces the Carbon Foot Print over 40%.
  • Lower Operations & Maintenance (O&M) costs: Vortex wind generators have much lower maintenance costs since there are no moving parts that requiring lubrication or substitution due to wear. No cranes are required because the generator is on ground level.
  • More respectful with environment: Vortex does not have blades and its oscillation is under 20Hz. So, the human cannot hear any noise from its movement. Also birds won't have any accident crossing the air space Vortex is using, such as they have when they crash with blades.

Estimations indicate a Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) of just 3.8 cents/kWh for Vortex wind generators, making them competitive with any other energy source.

STANLEY ROBOTICS - Because it is an error to rethink cities around mobility, without taking into account vehicles, this project was designed on the premise that parking lots will be essential enabling links in the intermodal exchange hub chain. Stanley Robotics develops robot-operated valet parking services, suited to all parking facilities. They are structured around a robot capable of moving any car and a multi-media user interface (Web, SmartPhone, hotline) that will offer a unique service to parking lot customers. This is one innovation that will profoundly change the way people use parking facilities.

Zenpark emerged from one simple realisation: in Europe’s major cities, one out of every three people behind the wheel is in search of a parking spot, when hundreds of thousands of spots remain un-used in the parking facilities of organisations all around the city (hotels, public housing, administrative agencies, companies, and many many more). Zenpark’s mission is to optimise use of the empty spots by making it possible for our members to come park at competitive prices, typically 20 to 60% less expensive than the usual rates.