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Paris Landing Pack_Explore Season 3 : and the winners are …!!!


With its thriving tech ecosystem, Paris is a perfect gateway for entrepreneurs wishing to conquer the European market. In order to help them deploy and boost their business on the French market, Paris&Co launched, last October, the Paris Landing Pack_Explore.

Season 2 hosted 8 startups from all over the world and various sectors that all spent one month in Paris&Co’s international incubator, Comet. The group of entrepreneurs benefited from a dedicated program of workshops on how to accelerate their business in the French capital. Among these 8 startups, three (Botpartner, Zaveapp and Simple Expert) actually decided to register a legal structure in France, confirming Paris’ attractiveness for international startups.

The Dutch startup YQ, that came to Paris for the Paris Landing Pack_Explore Season 2, gained great exposure after being selected by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Netherlands to participate in the Smart City Conference in New York. This acknoledges the traction this startup in the field of tourism was able to gain during their time in Paris. To follow…

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And the winners of Season 3 are …

Aelectra // Berlin, Germany // Energy Efficency in Smart Cities

In a smart and green city, intelligent wallpapers are used for the production of green heat. The technology behind is called "aelectra" and was developed in Germany. Made of a unique, very thin and very light carbon-plastic composite material, it can be installed in ceilings, walls, floors or below tiles and becomes an invisible heating system. "Aelectra" can be linked to smart building solutions, local energy production or electrical storage systems, renewable power can be used up to 100%. Website here // London, United Kingdom // Well being

Wevolve is the first solution to fix large-scale change where it matters – in how employees work.  It delivers change coaching at scale via an emotionally-resonant mobile platform.  Deployment is fast and easy.  Results include increased productivity and adaptability, plus lead-measures of change success and emerging risks.  Wevolve holds substantial and growing proprietary IP on people, change and corporate value – unique data that we mine via deep tech. Website here






Climatenza // Delhi, India // Energy

Our mission is to hit a new world record in the development of a low-cost solar cell that could revolutionise the way we generate solar electricity. Perovskite films are excellent light absorbers and are much cheaper to make than the silicon wafers used in standard solar cells. We are focused to create efficient, flexible, transparent and low-cost solar cell that could bring boom not only in Solar industry but also in electronics, automobiles, textiles and smart-city initiatives. Website here


Fluger // Kiev, Ukraine // Music tourism

Fluger is a personal intuitive travel assistant that provides travel ideas based on users music taste. For music-loving travellers  and EasyJetSetters who want to get a trip full of music events, it provides travel suggestions and assists through out their customer decision journey. Website here





iRewardHealth GmbH // Berlin, Germany // Digital Health

RewardHealth incentives healthy behavior change. Users will earn rewards for being healthy on a daily basis - integrating a healthy lifestyle into everyone's business. The algorithm learns from your behavior and will support you in building sustainable, long-term healthy habits. The employer will be pleased to see happier and more productive employees and reduce their sick-day costs. And the rewards are tax-free! Website here





Slido s.r.o. // Bratislava, Slovakia // Event technology

Slido is an award-winning audience interaction platform for meetings and events. It allows event organisers to crowd-source the best questions for Q&A sessions, get instant feedback via live polls and share presentations with their audience.Website here






Triple W Inc. // Tokyo, Japan // Digital Health

Triple W uses its own algorithm and patented technologies of ultrasound systems to monitor the bladder to predict the excretion timing which supports people suffering from incontinence and people who need support with toilet care. Website here
 // Brussels, Belgium // Information technology services

CitizenLab helps governments to reconnect with their communities of citizens in an easy and accessible way. Our software solutions allow local governments to inform the citizens on the topics they want citizens to engage, tap into their collective intelligence without efforts, take data driven decisions and track and reward citizen engagement in the city. Website here






Unu motors // Berlin, Germany // Electric mobility

Unu is the creator of a e-scooter. It is clean, fast, effortless and affordable: is has made e-mobility viable in German speaking markets, and demonstrated its ability to establish scalable e-vehicle development and operations. Website here




RealSpeaker // Gailimh , Ireland // Big Data and Speech recognition

RealSpeaker translates a text of any length with voice into any text editor or website.Using deep learning, it can cope with different accents and dialects, converting speech to text with up to 100% accuracy.  The tongue is quicker than the fingers so by employing this software, you will free up a lot of personal time. This improves voice recognition accuracy by at least 20-30% compared to competitors. Website here




Waitry // Buenos Aires, Argentina // Services software

Waitry is a mobile ordering solution for restaurants, hotels, stadiums, casinos and events that allows users to make their order, interact with the staff directly from their cellphone, join group orders, split the bill and pay.Users tend to order more frequently as they don’t have to queue anymore! Website here


These 12 startups will be in Paris next June in the international incubator of Paris&Co, Comet.

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