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Butagaz and Paris&Co launch a programme dedicated to the daily life of a family


Butagaz and Paris&Co are launching a programme to provide tailor-made support for startups


Paris&Co and Butagaz are combining their expertise to develop a corporate incubation programme.  The goal is to develop synergies and business partnerships between Butagaz and startups, and thus to deliver innovative solutions for improving the everyday life of families across France.        

Startups may submit their applications up to 15 June 2015, on the Paris&Co Incubateurs  website.


BUTAGAZ and startups

Butagaz has been delivering local services to families across France for many years, and is constantly devising or helping to implement new ways of making their lives more comfortable. For the past two years, Butagaz has been involved in an open innovation project that goes well beyond the distribution of gas. The project is yielding some very positive results thanks to partnerships with seven startups, which have enjoyed tailor-made support and assistance from Butagaz throughout. Butagaz has decided to replace conventional methods of supporting startups with a new and innovative programme called Zagatub. Under the new programme, young companies operating in the home comfort sector enjoy immediate access to the market for their products and services. 


Reinventing family life

“In an effort to respond quickly to market needs and trends, Butagaz works closely with young startups that are able to deliver the innovative home comfort solutions that families in France now expect,” explains Emmanuel Trivin, CEO of Butagaz. Thus Butagaz is exploring new growth drivers that will allow it to expand the boundaries of its traditional business - gas distribution - while continuing to pursue its primary goal of delivering greater in-home comfort to families across France.” 


Within the frame of the Zagatub programme, Butagaz has just established an incubator with Paris&Co, based on the theme of “Reinventing family life.” The goal is to create new services, applications and technologies to enhance the lives of individuals and families on a daily basis by, for example, improving access to culture, providing assistance to those in need, increasing well-being through robotics, and developing smart objects or digital technology in the broader sense. The home comfort sector has become a real hotbed of innovation.


Tailor-made support for selected startups to accelerate their access to market

The corporate incubation programme will focus on facilitating access to finance, promoting business development and increasing visibility, thus enabling startups to consolidate their projects. 


Butagaz will draw on its expertise to help startups develop relevant product and service offerings for its users. Therefore, the projects selected may also benefit from the Zagatub programme (access to internal expertise, direct marketing operations targeting the different Butagaz communities, access to a community of beta testers, and access to finance through partnerships with crowd funding platforms).


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