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18 new startups join the digital industries’ cultural and creative innovation platforms at the Cargo


Eighteen startups have been selected from more than one hundred applicants to be accompanied by Paris&Co.

  • Tech'4'Team, Data at the service of Entertainment.
  • Invidam: Innovative video special effects for mobile applications – a new level of User engagement.
  • Pitchy has developed a technology to create professional videos from pre-fabricated and customisable models from an online platform.
  • SquadRunner has developed Live Happier, a mobile application which motivates people to do things which are beneficial to their wellbeing.
  • Vinyl it allows you to put your favourite playlist on a customised and unique vinyl.
  • PLAYBOTS: Embody the unique personality of your brand and engage your customers in an interactive and personalized experience on instant messaging.
  • Geyser gives the power of choice to the user. Its interactive, playful, immersive and tailored video product enables companies and institutions to personalise their message, for digital communication or for in-house training.
  • Pass On is a platform for linking enthusiasts who can offer to share their talents and experiences during an introduction or an encounter with other enthusiasts.
  • Edukily  is a tablet app that allows parents who are separated from their child to help them do their homework and play remotely for 4.95 euros per month.
  • Brother Tongue in interested in acquiring a new foreign language by bringing it to life through chat.
  • NISOP wants to become the no. 1 site for e-education offering customised POOC (Participatory Open Online Courses) to each learner.
  • Soundsgood is the musical curation service of reference for people of influence which allows them to create playlists and to share them to all their communities on Deezer, Soundcloud, Spotify or Youtube thanks to a universal player.
  • Projectiv is a Revenue Management software for cinemas.
  • Newscrush is a collaborative platform for sharing and exchanging articles between collaborators. The users are accompanied and challenged on the platform thanks to the gamification of this space.
  • SoundGrabber is a social network which automates the sharing of music to facilitate encounters. The users share what they listen to in real time and can chat between them.
  • BustleMusic is a fair platform for streaming music that geo-locates artists and funds them in accordance with the number of times they are listened to thanks to the system of « stream & fund ».
  • HappyTime is the first Live social and interactive network which fights against the solitude, the lack of activity and the cognitive decline of the elderly.
  • Interactive Mobility offers an entertainment app for airline passengers and offers new films, music, newspapers or even games.


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