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Get tips and advice from Emmanuel Arnaud, CEO of GuesttoGuest, the influential entrepreneur who revolutionized the home exchange market.

  • When ? 11 May 2017 - 19h00
  • Where ? Welcome City Lab, Tour Gamma A, 11th floor, 193 rue de Bercy, 75012 Paris

GuesttoGuest is the global leader in the home exchanges between nearly 290,000 homes in 187 countries.

"You will have the chance to share a more authentic experience while discovering the culture of your hosts or while receiving guests at your home!"
Emmanuel Arnaud graduated from HEC (Paris) and Harvard University. Emmanuel and his family love to travel and it was during their first attempt at organizing a home exchange that Emmanuel had an idea that would revolutionize the home exchange market. The idea was to create a system of points that could be used to organize non-simultaneous exchanges. Thanks to the financial support of 22 different families, Emmanuel was able to bring his idea to life and founded GuesttoGuest in 2011.
It’s an outstanding opportunity to share experiences and get valuable tips:

  • To connect with new leaders and professionals
  • Discover the unedited truth behind the success of an influential entrepreneur
  • Learn how to take actionable steps through your own business practices